Filming unique, thoughtful imagery and visuals.
Creating Elegant And Meaningful Visuals
I am dedicated to my passion of creating gorgeous and vibrant cinematic pictures.

My unique gift for bringing extraordinary characters and complex narratives to life does not reside exclusively as a writer. I am also an acclaimed director. I have directed various short and feature length movies, Tv shows, as well as documentaries.

Having worked as a director for over six years, I am adept at ensuring I capture the best quality content for any given environment. My common sense and wide-ranging practical skills ensure that as a professional director, I can manage surprising and challenging environments and conditions.

A Few Of My Prominent Directory Credits
  • MTN Foundation ‘Through the Fire’ (2021)
  • MTN Foundation ‘Through the Darkness’ (2021)
  • Arla ‘Go for It’ (2021)
  • PZ at 120 The Journey So Far (2019)
  • UN Information Center IDSL (2018)
  • Precursor (2021) TVC
  • Halima - Heirs Life (2021) TVC
  • Emeka - Heirs Life (2021) TVC
  • Lonart Hand’s Tale (2020) TVC
  • Food – Saka Adventures (2019) TVC
  • Fuel – Saka Adventures (2019) TVC
  • BOLO (2019) TVC
  • Ignite (2017) TVC
  • Detour (2021) Feature Film
  • The Milkmaid (2020) Feature Film
  • Oops I Did It Again (2020) Short Film
  • Public Rain (2010) Short Film
  • Take Back Time (2020) Feature Film
  • Deep End (2017) Feature Film
  • Bad Drop (2015) Feature Film
  • Public Rain (2010) Short Film
  • SME Shop (2021) Television Show
  • Confessions (2020) Reality TV

My passion is for engaging content and finding a balance between playful yet provocative media.

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